Goin'  South
This is a website devoted entirely to the trials and tribulations of a couple whose sole purpose in life is to travel the highways and byways of this great nation, in a motorhome,recording their observations along the way.  They will make you laugh, cry and just about every other emotion capable of the human spirit.  Our intent is not to be too serious, or for that matter to be too humorous.  But merely  relay the things which occur by accident, on purpose or for no other reason than "because."
We've spent much of our time just trying to survive the ordeal of spending 5 months of the winter away from home and not shoveling snow.  We have succeeded in that endeavor since 1995 and hope to keep up our good luck.  This was not meant to imply that we've had smooth sailing all this time, only that we've succeeded at not shoveling snow.  Hardly much of an accomplishment, but it keeps a smile on my face.
So sit back and enjoy someone elses bad luck for a change.  And also feel free to send us comments on what you'd like to see on these pages in the future.
Our Newsletters deal mainly with our winters in the West, but we've been all over this country, including Canada and Mexico.   We are now sending out our Newsletters as .pdf's in e-mails.
The JOURNAL is a Diary which reflects our daily travels and happenings while we are on the road.  Who's Who are pictures of the people featured in the Journal.
We'll tell you about the places we've been, the places we liked and the places we disliked.  But mostly we'll just tell you what happened while we were there, and what went right and wrong on the way.  Visit here often and tell us what you liked.  Don't forget to E-mail us and sign the Guestbook with your comments.  If you liked the site, recommend it to your friends.  If you didn't, recommend it to your enemies.  Either way we're glad you came and hope to see you down the road in the future.