Bill and Sharon Rocheleau are a couple of good friends who just happen to have fallen in love and gotten married 42+ years ago, and are now traveling the U.S., Canada and Mexico and recording their adventures.  Prior to that, their vacations consisted of cruising for a couple of weeks at a time, and wishing they wouldn't have to come back to their jobs.  All that has changed.
Since 1995 they have wintered in the most desirable climates and swam in some of the nicest pools in the country.  And constantly reiterate that, "It's a dirty, thankless job, but someone has to do it." 
They have travelled the last 10 years in a 33' 1989 Winnebago Chieftain that was bought new in 1990, and  traded up to a 36' 1999 Itasca Sunflyer that was bought used, in wonderful condition.  It only had 5035 miles on it at the time of purchase.  It also has double slideouts, of which, they never had before.  In 2017 we traded up to a 27' Winnebago Vista with triple slideouts
and a fabulous paint job.

Bill is a retired firefighter from the City of Iron Mountain, MIchigan Fire Department.  After 27+ years  he retired to do some sightseeing and  experiencing.  He retired in 1995 after having risen in the ranks from Firefighter to Engine Operator, Engineer, Lieutenant and finally to Chief.  When his feet started growing grass under them, it was time to get on with his life.  Hence the vagabond lifestyle was born for them, even if only for 5+ months in the winter.

Sharon is 'semi retired'.  She was a telephone operator for AT&T for 21 years before the company moved out of Iron Mountain.  Since that time, she has had various part time jobs.  When Bill retired, she only picked jobs that would allow her leave at Christmas time so they can travel in the winter.

Together they make a wonderful team for travelling and sightseeing.  Bill does most of the driving except for the occasional Interstate stint when he needs a nap.  Sharon does all the Navigating and map reading.  She likes to refer to it as, "Constantly telling him where to go."  They have been to 46 of the contiguous 48 states and visited over 320 of the 405+ National Parks, Monuments, Historic Sites, Battlefields, Seashores, Recreation Areas, etc.   They have camped in the mountains, on the beaches, on the desert and the prairie.  Over the past 30 years it has been a magnificent journey.  Hopefully to continue for many more years, God willing.
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