Newsletters........So Far
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These Newsletters are reproductions of the Letters which we send out during our winter travels.  You may notice spaces and text which do not appear to fit onto a 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper.  The spaces do not appear on the Newsletters and the other anomalies also are not on the originals.  The Newsletters are printed with several different fonts in different sizes which may account for some of the unusual spacing.  They are also printed larger here to make readability easier.  The text and graphics are complete however.   The first two Newsletters are 4 pages long.  The remainder are 2 pages.  Our lives are not  exciting enough to fill 4 pages a month, we decided.  The third Newsletter is a must-read if you want to know why the GS Logo changes with each issue.
The Newsletters have been discontinued because they are now being sent out as .pdf files to
those folks who want them.
There will be no more Newsletters webbed.  The Newsletters are difficult to Format on this medium, and the efforts do not produce adequate results.  We will, however, provide a Newsletter to whomever requests them.  We send them out every month during our travels in a computer .pdf attachment.