This journal is nothing more than a 'daily diary' which has been compiled by us, during our travels.  This is primarily for anyone who wants to know how we live our daily lives while we're on the road.  For those who read this who already live this way, it will probably be an exercise in examining what we do "wrong."   For those of you contemplating a  move to the full-time RV lifestyle, you'll see that every day is not as exciting as you may think.  But in all fairness, every day was never all that exciting before we went on the road.
The "Journal" now begins USUALLY every year right after Thanksgiving,   and ends near the beginning of May.  It has been earlier in the last couple of years.  Primarily during the times in the North when the snow is the deepest.  Upper Michigan is known for its snowfalls.  21 feet a season is not unusual in some parts of the UP, which is another reason we travel the south for 5+ months.  Journals will be eliminated as space comes to be premium.