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JUNE 2000We're up and Running
Tips and Tricks, Expenses, Communications,

JULY 2000GuestBook, 97-98 Journal, 98-99 Journal.

AUGUST 20001999-2000 Journal, 1998 Newsletters

SEPTEMBER 20001999 Newsletters (Dec 98,Jan,Feb)

OCTOBER 20001999 Newsletters (Mar,Apr,Dec)
SHARP - PocketMail Page
National Park Passport Page 
All 2000 Newsletters.........So Far

NOVEMBER 2000    Photo Gallery (Begins) Check: Motorhomes,
Author& Authorette, National Park Signs
and Sunsets for starters.

DECEMBER 2000More Pictures have been added to the
Photo Gallery.   At the end of this month we
will again be traveling and writing it all down
for future Newsletters.  Until then..............

MAY 2001The NEW Journal is up and running.
We've just started a new LINKS page so you
can find other RV sites.
There is also a 'user report' on the Sharp
TM20 Pocketmail on the Electronics Page.
All the NEW 2001 Newsletters are here and done.
The 2000-01 EXPENSE sheet is also up and

JUNE 20022002 Journal is posted.

SEPTEMBER 2002A "Where are we now" page has been created.

OCTOBER 2002Sorry for the delay, but now the 2002 winter
Newsletters are up and running.

NOVEMBER 2002  The 2002 EXPENSE page is up and completed.  The delay was
    caused by several computer problems this summer.  We are
     now working with a new one. We got a Dell Dude!

DECEMBER 2002    We're off again on another journey into the West.  Check out the
new features this year  with the WHERE ARE WE NOW Page
and the weekly updated JOURNAL of 2002-03.  We will attempt
to keep it current depending on connection availability.

SEPTEMBER 2003    The Expense Page for 2003 is up and running.  I am now working
on the Newsletters from last year.

OCTOBER 2003  The Newsletters are all posted from 2003.  I will try to get them
  up, along with the Journal, as we travel this next year.

NOVEMBER 2003The Journal will start the week of the 24th.  New maps at
"Where are we now"  page.

OCTOBER 2004    The Journal will start November 29.  The "Where are we Now
map will also be running shortly after that. 

NOVEMBER 2004The Expenses page has not been updated this year because of 
a couple of anomalies.  Firstly we drove home for Christmas
and then went on a 7-Day cruise to the Mexican Riviera in
January.  Our expenses went up accordingly and messed up our
averages for the Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports.

DECEMBER 2004The Journal is up and running after having some prob lems
getting connected to publish.  We apologize for the tardiness.
The "Where are we now" page is also running for this year.

MARCH 2005Journals are being discontinued to make room for new ones.
The years of 1998 and 1999 will no longer be available

  I have been having difficulty publishing the JOURNAL this
  year because I've reached my limit in the number of pages I
  may have on this website.  Consequently, if you're reading the
  Journal and wish to continue, send me your e-mail address and
  I will send it to you as an attachment.  You can be assured that
  I will NOT give, sell or distribute your e-mail address to any
  other entity.  I will use it to send you the certified virus free
  attachment containing the weekly Journal.  At the present time
  I have figured out a way to publish.  But how long this will last
   is uncertain.

OCTOBER  2005We are soon to be on the road again for this year.  As usual, we
will publish the "Journal" whenever it's possible, on Sunday
nights or Monday mornings, or soon thereafter.  With the maps
now accompanying the Journals on the site, you'll notice that our
routes out west are considerably different than our routes home.
The reason for this is our visits to the National Parks.  We'll
keep you posted on our travels through the website.   Check
out the Where are we now map for our location this

NOVEMBER 2005     Our EXPENSE SHEETS are now up for 2004 and 2005.  I
hesitated to post last year's sheets because of our 14 day
absence from our schedule, but compared to this year's schedule
it is now a fair representation.  As of this point we are 8 days
from being back on the road again. (November 28th)  Our
JOURNAL will be up and running in a couple of weeks.

DECEMBER 2005      The "Where are we now" map is now posted and the Journal
  is up and running.

MAY  2006All the pages on the site have been updated.

JULY 2006A Who's Who page has been created to put faces on the
people featured in the Journal.

AUGUST 2006The EXPENSES Page has been updated with all the new
information for last winter.  I have also updated the
EXTRA, EXTRA BOX for those following our actual

NOVEMBER 2006We'll hit the road this year a day early.  We're leaving on
the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov 26) instead of the
Monday after.  The first Journal entry should be published
by December 4th.

FEBRUARY 2007Our winter effectively ended today with our decision to
return home to Michigan.  My Mother is having some
problems at home and we need to return to get her settled.
It will take the rest of the winter to get things straightened
out.  We will take a couple of weeks to get there since we
need to wait down south for the frigid weather to break
before we head north.  We will wait in Louisiana for that to
happen and then we'll just sneak north and try to avoid
the cold.

OCTOBER 2007We will return to the road this year on November 25th,
on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Our Winter last year
was shortened by some difficulties at home in Michigan.
Having been taken care of in the Spring we will be off
and running for our usual West Coast winter.   Journals
will follow shortly afterward.

NOVEMBER 2007The expense sheet will not be posted for this past year
because of the abbreviated year.  We'll post 2007-08 at
the same time next year.

DECEMBER 2, 2007One week on the road and I fell and broke my leg.

DECEMBER 2007The WHERE ARE WE NOW MAP is now up and running.

JANUARY 2008A new Link to www.HitchUpandGo.com has been added

MAY 2008The Expense Sheets for 2006-07-08 have now been
   posted.  I hesitated Publishing 2007 because it was an
    abbreviated year, but now it has been put in

NOVEMBER 2008   We hit the road at our usual time this year and the
Journal is up and running for another year.

NOVEMBER 2009   We were on the road and rolling on the 29th of November
     this year and the Journal will be up and running by the
     7th of December.  We are also sending out the
     Newsletter in e-mails as a .pdf this year.  We are hoping
this will work for anyone who wants the "letter." We've
      already sent out a summer letter that worked quite well.

DECEMBER 2009The LINKS page has been updated also.  Although
websites come and go quite regularly.

JULY 2010  The opportunity to attend the Calgary Stampede pres-
ented itself and we left on the 5th for Alberta, Canada.
Friends we had met in California (Terry and Jo-Anne
Bertamini) had offered to show us around while we were
We also took the opportunity to visit other Canadian
friends Henry and Arlene LeDuc of Rocky Mountain
House while we were there.
The  Journal was posted shortly afterward.

NOVEMBER 2010We were on the road on Novmber 28 and the Journal
should be posted on December 6.

NOVEMBER 2011There's nothing NEW this year and we will be hitting
   the road on the 27th of November and the Journal
   should be posted on the monday afterward.  We will
   be heading toward New Orleans this year which will
   be a change of route.

NOVEMBER 2012We had a wonderful Summer trying to decide which
   way we would be heading this Winter because of the
  price of gas.  At this point we're leaning toward
   California again.  We will be hitting the road on the
   25th and the Journal should be posted a week later on
   Monday the 3rd of December.

DECEMBER 2012We're having all kinds of trouble with pages on
this site and we're hoping that we can straighten
them out.  Of particular note is the "Where are we
now" Map. So far it's so bad that I've just deleted it.

SEPTEMBER 2013Since last January I've had a very difficult time keeping
   this site up to date.  I was in the Hospital for 64 days with
  a "Flesh Eating Bacteria" that consumed most of the top
  of my foot.  After that, we were just concerned with getting
  ourselves back to Michigan.  Sharon had to drive the entire                                                                                                                                                                              2600 miles.  While we were traveling the site was all messed
  up and I couldn't  log into it.  In the next few days I'll publish                                                                                                                                                                     the rest of last year's Journal and possibly add a couple of                                                                                                                                                                                                       new pages for the upcoming year.  I apologize for the delay.

  Some of the pages have been reformulated for widescreen
  computers.  Some pages could not be reformulated.
                                                                                            Our regular readers will have already noticed the changes.
  Next year the Journal will also reflect these changes.  Those of
  you who haven't upgraded to widescreen, I apologize, but I can't
  keep up both formats.

OCTOBER 2013  The rest of the 2013 Journal from week 10 to May has now been
   published and online.  Sorry for the delay but when you read it
   you'll see why I wasn't able to finish it until now.

APRIL 2014The Trip Map is now up and running.  Sorry for
the delay.

DECEMBER 2014The Trip Map is now up and running.  We are stranded in Springfield, MO
getting our motorhome fixed.  We will soon move on to Branson.

SEPTEMBER 2016The Journal from our trip home last year is finally up and running.  My entire
website was inoperable for the last few months and I finally got it working again.
With a "little" help from Tech Support I got the Journal up anyway.

NOVEMBER 2017The Journal will be up and running on December 4th and the Trip Map has already
been updated.  Happy reading.