Monday, March 13, 2017

We woke up this morning with an invitation from Phil and Joyce to go to the Cottage Too for Breakfast this morning.  Neither of us was feeling very well with a suspected case of food poisoning.  Sharon was up for most of the night and I got up sick this morning.  We think that it may have come from the Bratwurst we had last night.  We hadn’t had anything else to eat since then.  We opted out of Breakfast since we didn’t feel much like eating anyway.
We finally got about packing more things for the big move tomorrow.  We weren’t very enthusiastic about the job ahead of us the way we felt.  But we plodded along doing what we could, when we could do it and got pretty much done.
Neither of us was hungry for any kind of meals today so we just sipped and nibbled our way through.  We didn’t get any worse today although we did start feeling better by this afternoon.
We managed to quit packing for the night and slipped into our chairs to watch some TV and relax.  We never knew how much crap we’re carrying around and never used.
We caved about 9 tonight hoping to get a good night’s sleep.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We were up early this morning having to knock everything down and get to the Dealers by 9AM.  We managed to get there just before 9 and proceeded through the walk through.  It took about a half hour to get us familiar with the coach.
We were immediately swooped up and loaded into the coach and heading for Ehrenberg, Arizona.  There’s a rule in California that if you take delivery of a coach outside of California you don’t have to pay their sales tax.  So we were headed to Arizona for the transfer.  After the driver left, we found we were locked out of the coach.  We called the company and the driver turned around and came back.  Just as he arrived, Sharon figured out that we were trying the wrong keys for the door.  We were using the old motorhome keys which I had in my pocket also.  We were back in Cathedral City about 4 and started moving our things to the new coach.
By 7 we had had enough.  We called it quits for the night and sat down and relaxed in front of the TV.  We’d be going to bed at our regular time tonight to see if we’ll feel better by tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We were up early in the morning and transferring more stuff next door.  We ate Breakfast at home and then got back to our job again.
It was hot today and in the 90's and this was not going to be a fun day for sure.  We expected to get done this afternoon and we “finished” up around 4.  We had called the Dealership and told them that the passenger chair was not operating.  As we called them when we were done Thomas asked if we could bring the coach to the shop.
I arrived at the shop and Frank got right to the passenger chair.  It took him about 10 minutes to clear that up and I was on my way to Vista Grande Spa.
We got settled on our regular site but didn’t hook up the utilities.  We were so tired from the last two days that we watched a little TV but still stayed up til 10 before retired.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I got up this morning and the first job on my agenda was to hook up our utilities.  Our electric had been hooked up since yesterday but the water and sewer still needed attending.
Sharon would be expecting to take a shower early today so I needed the sewer hooked up to drain the water.  Because of the location of the sewer it was a cluster f— to get it hooked up.  I finally got it finished after about an hour in the heat.
The satellite people showed up this afternoon to install a dome on the roof.  The two of them worked very quickly but the heat didn’t seem to bother them at all.  In fact both of them were working in long sleeve sweatshirts.  And $869 later we had satellite TV.  Although we did receive 58 channels of digital TV in the meantime.  And there were at least 5 or 6 that were even in English.  It felt good to be back to our regular TV again.  We had a couple of shows that were on their last show of the season.
We relaxed and watched a little TV tonight but since March Madness is going on CBS wasn’t playing their regular shows tonight.  But we still managed to find enough to watch to take us to regular bewitching time.  We ended it all at around 10 tonight, perhaps a little earlier than usual.

Friday, March 17, 2017

We got up this morning facing another scorching day.  We had a few things to do today including getting stuff put away where it will stay permanently.  We also had a visit to the Dealer on our agenda to pick up our license plate.  We had forgotten to take it off the motorhome when we left Cathedral Palms Campground the other day.  And generally Sharon would find a million things to do today.
We ate Breakfast at noon and then shortly afterward we left for Cathedral City to head over to Mike Thompson RV.  We got our business taken care of and then headed out to Wal-Mart for some shopping.  We only had a few specific things to pick up, and we got those and headed home.  I didn’t find the safety cables I was looking for, but I went online and found them at Harbor Freight.  I’ll pick them up later.
This turned into another really hot day today into the high nineties.  We’re not used to dealing with this kind of heat this early in the year.
We stopped at McDonald’s for lunch and a Filet-o-fish sandwich on our way home.  It was quite good but a little small.  But then it was only $1.99 for the sandwich.
For the rest of the day we put our stuff away in the coach.  We still haven’t touched anything in the car, and we haven’t needed any of it for the last 5 days.  It gives us an idea of how much of that stuff we really need to carry every year.  Especially now since we have no room for it.
Our air conditioning ran all day today barely keeping up with the heat.  At about 5 it was finally getting a little cool in the motorhome.
We didn’t have any Dinner tonight having eaten a little late at McDonald’s this afternoon.  No matter it’s almost too hot to eat anyway.  We’ll snack for the rest of the night.
It was nice to get back to our regular programming on the TV tonight.  Although March Madness is canceling out most of the shows we regularly watch on Fridays.  We managed to find enough to watch, however, to keep us up until bedtime tonight.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another day of temperatures in the 90's confronted us for today.  These days are keeping us mostly indoors in the air conditioning.  We haven’t even been to the pool because of the heat.  That seems to be contradictory but the water in the pool is so warm there’s no relief to go in there.
We’ve been trying to get everything out of the car and into its proper place in the motorhome but that gets extremely difficult with the heat problem.
In any event we stuck around home for most of the day today and Sharon was on her tablet and I watched TV.  All the while we were sorting and separating stuff to conserve space to store it.  Although we do have a tremendous amount of storage in this motorhome.
Our meals over the past few days have been nothing spectacular but then we really don’t feel like eating much because of the temperatures.  This is only a temporary situation that should resolve on its own once the temps go down.  We actually did have a very tasty Chicken salad sandwich for Supper tonight.  She also made some Garlic Mashed Potatoes that were leftover from a chicken Dinner we had a few days ago.
Tonight we’ll just relax and enjoy some TV even though it’s Saturday night which is infamous for lousy programming.  We’ll surf tonight to find something to watch and keep us awake until it’s time for slumber activity to commence.  We always manage to find something like “lockup” or “cops” to keep us entertained even on a Saturday night.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

We were up this morning bracing for another scorcher of a day.  This rash of hot weather has hopefully run its course this week.  We have things to do and places to go
that have been put on hold because of the weather.
Sharon was off to church this morning and I was off to my Sunday morning news shows.  Calling them “news” shows is really a misnomer.  They’re mostly Democrat propaganda and not much news.  This morning was a little different mostly because they didn’t have anything new to bash Trump over.  I get sick of them harping on the same thing week after week.
By the time Sharon got back from church it was already heating up for the day.  I’m sure it will be well into the ninety’s again today.
I just don’t function well in this kind of heat.  When it gets this hot I just relax in the air conditioning and wait for it to subside.  But this time its been quite a spell of a lot of days.
I worked on my Newsletter this afternoon and finally finished it up and I will send it out tomorrow.  The Letter is late this month by a lot of days since I usually like to get it out around the first of the month.  This month I had a tough time filling it because of the lack of activity over the month.
Sharon made us a Meatloaf for Supper tonight.  We had Butternut Squash (yum) and Creamed Corn to go along with it.  It was a nice change of pace from the sandwiches we’ve been eating.  But in all fairness to Sharon, who felt like eating anything else in this heat.
We settled in front of the TV in the coolness of the air for the night.  March Madness was still infecting the programming every night, and like the weather, this too shall pass.   CBS apparently decided to give us a break tonight even though all the programming came on a little late because of it.  We just had to tape late to catch our programs.  We did manage to get to bed at our regular time though.