Monday, March 20, 2017

We were up this morning with the intention of giving ourselves a break and going to the Cottage Too for Breakfast.  We got up early enough but we didn’t leave home til about 9:30 and getting there about 10 o’clock.  The parking lot was full again but we managed to find a place to park.  When we got inside there were about 20 guys that had pulled tables together and were sitting with each other.  They seemed to be golfers but it was a little early for them to have finished already, unless they were only playing 9 holes.
We had our Breakfast and it was quite good, as usual.  The service took a little longer because of the crowd that was in there.  But we got our food in a reasonable amount of time.
After Breakfast we stopped at Von’s grocery store to pick up a few items.  We really didn’t need much or have the room to store it for that matter.
We came back home after our stop for the grocery items.
Sharon searched the car for the box that contained the printer.  She said later that she knew exactly where it was cause I had printed it on the box.  I don’t remember that but I guess it was true, because it didn’t take her long to bring it in.
After I got it set up I printed out the Newsletter.  I still have to print it for some family and friends.  The non-computer people on my list.  It now only amounts to 6 copies but I’m willing to do those and mail them out.
After getting the Newsletter done we got about putting more stuff away.  It’s been tough for me because of the heat we’ve been experiencing here.  It’s hard to get outside and rummage through the car to get the boxes that our stuff is in.
Sharon defrosted some Stuffed Peppers for Dinner tonight.  They were peppers that were leftover from last week when we had the original meal.  They were quite good again tonight.  We also had Butternut Squash and Creamed Corn to finish out the entree’.  I still don’t feel much like eating even though we’re in air conditioning for most of the day.
We settled in for our usual fare tonight with taped shows and original programming.  Sharon dropped off early with a puzzle, and heading to bed at 9.  As soon as my shows were over I watched a half of American Pickers and then joined her.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I woke up at 6 this morning with the wind making another appearance.  We could hear the slide-toppers flapping quite briskly.  I got up thinking that I would have to put the slides in before we got some damage.  We were supposed to get a reprieve from the heat but nobody said anything about the wind, and it would blow all day today, sometimes in gusts up to 35 miles per hour.
The heat streak definitely broke today, at least for a while.
Sharon was off on her walk this morning while I watched her leave.  At least I knew she wouldn’t be out in the scorching heat.  I went directly to the TV and the news of the day.
By lunchtime we were actually feeling ready to eat something substantial.  Sharon whipped up some Scrambled Egg Sandwiches.  They were quite tasty indeed.
We made some phone calls today to get the motorhome registered in Montana.  If we can succeed in that we’ll save about $5000 in taxes and about $600 in license fees.  We’ll just have to wait a few days to see if we are approved.
Our hubcaps were supposed to be coming in to Mike Thompson RV over the weekend so I called them to see if they were in yet.  Tomas told me that they would be here tomorrow and he would call us when they come in.  He also told me that he would give us the gas money for driving to Ehrenberg and back, which basically is a full tank.
By Dinner tonight we had accomplished quite a bit today.  Sharon put together leftover Meatloaf and Fried Potatoes and I had Butternut Squash and she had a salad.  Everything came together quite nicely.
Tonight was Tuesday and our favorite TV watching night of the week.  We would be glued to NCI, Bull, NCI New Orleans and Chicago Fire.  It’ll take us nicely up to the bewitching hour around 10:30.  I caved first tonight and Sharon followed about an hour later.  I was out cold by the time she got there.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We started out the day today with the intent to go to Taco Wednesday today at the VFW.  We missed last week because of the new motorhome.  We were still transferring stuff from one coach to the other in the heat last week.
We had talked to friends about attending and they opted out this week.  So we’ll be going with ourselves this week.  We actually only have one more week to go before we leave for home.
We left for the club a little late today as compared to our usual time.  It was about 12:20 by the time we got in the car.  As we arrived the parking lot was full but there were about a dozen people leaving which allowed us a parking space up close to the door.  The club was about 85 per cent full which means that the Canadians are leaving later this year.  We easily found open places to sit.
We only stayed for our lunch and 1 pitcher of beer today.  After lunch we talked to Daisy about the snowbird leaving and she said she was so depressed.  We laughed because this time arrives every year and she always gives the snowbird a hard time.
We left the club and headed downtown to pick up some citrezene.  We use it to fend off colds and allergies while we’re out here, and it works pretty well.  I haven’t been sick in two years. (Knock on wood)
We came home, and since the heat has subsided, started transferring some stuff from the car to the motorhome.  We planned it this way so that we only had to spend minimum time in the campground in Cathedral City.  We were there for only a day before we moved back to our own campground in Desert Hot Springs.  We really didn’t have much left in the car that we intended to transfer.  Some stuff will stay in the car til we get home.  After all you can’t take everything from a 36' motorhome and transfer it into a 27' one.  Actually you can, but it will be very crowded.
Neither of us felt much like eating tonight but we did have leftover Meatloaf to make sandwiches out of.  So we each made ourselves a sandwich for Supper.  A few chips rounded out the meal, and we chased it down with a Chocolate Pudding for dessert.
We camped out in front of the TV for the night to watch some of our favorite shows.  Wednesday is relatively good night for TV and we were enjoying it right up until 10:30 when I gave it all up.  Sharon stayed up for a while again tonight and I was zonked out when she gave it up.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

We had a full day ahead of us today even though we didn’t know it when our feet first hit the floor.  I was late waking Sharon up and we were supposed to meet Terry and JoAnne Bertamini at the Cottage Too for Breakfast.  We arrived a few minutes late and JoAnne called us when we were on the way.  We were halfway up Pam Drive when we got the call but we assured them we would soon be there.  We got there about 5 after 9 and I took all the blame for being late.
The restaurant was filled with an unusual amount of men today.  The front Dining Room must have had 10-15 men with only 2 ladies.  Go figure.  It was also quite noisy in the restaurant today.
After Breakfast we went directly home cause Sharon wanted to show Terry and JoAnne the motorhome.  They stayed long enough for a cup of coffee and a glass of juice and about a half hours worth of conversation.  When they left we still had a day ahead of us.
We left home and headed over to Mike Thompson RV to pick up our rear wheel liners for the motorhome.  On our way we stopped at a couple of places to pick up safety cables for towing.  We stopped at two places on the way over, but neither had what I wanted. We picked up our wheel liners without a problem and the $130 for gas for the motorhome and our trip to Ehrenberg.  We also asked about a place to find the cables and they suggested Uhaul just up the street.  So when we left we checked Uhaul and they didn’t have the right “end connectors.”
Sharon needed to go to the grocery store so we stopped at Stater Brothers on Ramon on the way home.  I noticed that across the street was an O’Reillys Auto Parts store.  I dropped Sharon off at the store and I ran across the street to check for safety cables.  I checked O’Reillys and they had just what I wanted and I picked them up for $33.
After we got home we just sat and relaxed in the knowledge that we accomplished everything we wanted to today.  I was dubious about the amount of groceries Sharon picked up, but she managed to find a place for everything when she was done.
We received an Amber Alert, on our phone, for two toddlers kidnaped from Cathedral City this afternoon.  Cathedral City is just across the Interstate from us here in Desert Hot Springs.  It’s probably about 4 miles as the crow flies.  They found the kids later on this evening about 12 miles north of Palm Springs.
We had Spaghetti and Meatballs, Garlic/Cheese Bread and a salad for Supper tonight.  It was all quite good and one of my favorites.  Sharon is such a good cook that it’s hard to fault any of her meals, except the “experiments”, and then only occasionally.  I usually just tell her she doesn’t have to cook this again.
We camped out in front of the TV again tonight.  While we were watching I told Sharon I may have to call Dr. Bir tomorrow.  I’ve been experiencing some discomfort and dark urine for the last few days.  We stayed up until 10:30 before calling it quits for the night.

Friday, March 24, 2017

I woke up this morning having passed two kidney stones or two pieces of the same stone last night.  They were the easiest stones, I’ve ever passed, of the more than a dozen that I’ve had.  When Sharon woke up I broke the news to her.  She was happy to hear my problem was solved.  I felt great with no intermittent pain at all today.
Sharon was off on her walk after she was up for a spell.  She usually tells me where she walked when she gets back home.  Today it was another trip through Desert Pools RV Park.  A park that we frequented when they were still accepting “membership” people.  Since then the park has been sold and the cost of going there has tripled.  Much like what’s going to happen to our home park, Catalina Spa.
It was a very nice day out today so I went out and put our wheel liners on the motorhome.  One side went on quite easily and the other was a little trouble.  But I got them both on just fine.
Sharon was outside fiddling around in the car and when she came back in she announced, “We have a back seat again.”  She had emptied some boxes and consolidated others and managed to reduce our car inventory.  A lot of what’s still in the car will be going home in exactly the same place.  In the car.
We thought we might go to the pool this afternoon, but when the time came, I just didn’t feel like it.  So we just relaxed at home.
Sharon was making Shrimp Creole for Supper tonight and that meant we were having egg rolls also.  I don’t know how she came up with that combination, but it works really well.  When we first started eating I told Sharon there didn’t seem to be many shrimp in the Creole.  She laughed and said, “That’s because I forgot to put them in.”  She jumped up and gathered up all the Creole and put it back in the pan.  She quickly put the shrimp in and reheated the whole thing.  It really did turn out very good in the end.
After Dinner our TV watching relied on the DVR tonight.  Our usual shows come on CBS and they were busy with March Madness.  But with the DVR, and a few programs taped, it just becomes an exercise in finding what you want.  We managed to stay up until closing time tonight.  We locked the doors and turned out the lights about 10:30.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

We got up this morning and the wind was back.  Although the wind does have a nice cooling effect, at least at this time, we would prefer it to be a gentle breeze.  But then we have to take what God brings us.
Sharon decided because of the wind there would be no walk today.  So she stayed home this morning and joined me in front of the TV.
I actually had some stuff to do today and I got to it this morning.  We had gotten an adapter for our light connection between the motorhome and car and I needed to check it to make sure it would work.  I found that it will plug in to both ends of the wires that are available, and I’m hoping that it will work.  We won’t know until we actually hook it up and try the lights.  I also was skeptical of the length of the safety cables that I picked up at O’Reillys the other day.  The cables seem to be on the short side but they will still work.  I’m going to see if I can find new ones before next Saturday.  Even a couple of inches will make a big difference.
By this afternoon we really had nothing to do except sit around the “house.”  I suggested that we call Terry and JoAnne and stop over there for the afternoon.  We called and they suggested that we come over for Dinner.  Then we suggested we go to Applebee’s for Dinner instead.  So we would go over and visit until Dinnertime and then go to Applebee’s for Supper.
Terry and JoAnne’s friend Ron arrived almost at the same time we did.  In any event we sat and talked for a couple of hours before we left for Dinner.  We all went in Terry’s car and when he turned east on Ramon we all wondered where he was going.  He took us to the Applebee’s on Highway 111.  The restaurant was definitely not crowded but the service was abysmal compared to the restaurant on Date Palm.  The food of course was just as good and there quite a few less young people at this restaurant.
After we left we went back to Outdoor Resorts for a short time before we headed home. We got back home about 8:30 and watched a little TV before going to bed.  Sharon actually headed to bed before I did tonight.  But I wasn’t far behind.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

We both slept late this morning and Sharon was rushing to get to church on time.  I, of course, was headed to my Sunday morning shows.  It didn’t take long for me to shut them off after hearing what they were going to talk about.
I ate my Breakfast so late today that it turned into leftover spaghetti and meatballs and I called it lunch.  We haven’t had Tamales from church since they reduced the size of the Tamales and increased the price.  It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve had them for lunch.
After lunch today we went outside to clean up the front of the motorhome and wash the windshield, in preparation for Saturday’s exit from here.  We’ll almost be glad to leave this year, with the rotten weather we’ve been having.  We’re supposed to be getting more wind tonight and all day tomorrow again.  Wind here, isn’t a gentle Breeze, like at home, it comes in 30-40 mph gusts, and comes up very quickly.  RV awnings are definitely in jeopardy when it strikes.  And sometimes it even comes up without warning.  In any event, we got our work done outside before the wind started today.
By the time we came back inside the wind had started to blow.  And it continued right into the night.
We’re appreciating the Dome we had installed on the motorhome the day we got here.  With the wind blowing this year we would have missed out on a lot of the shows that we normally watch every day.  And because of the weather we haven’t even been to the pool even a minuscule amount of times, when our usual activities include the pool every day.
We had Patty Melts for Supper tonight along with Fried Potatoes.  The Patty Melts were made with Cube Steak, which was a little tough for sandwiches, but the taste was really good.  And of course the potatoes made with Yukon Golds were fabulous.
After Supper we settled into our usual positions in front of the TV, and because of the Dome, watched our usual shows on TV tonight.  Needless to say the wind was howling by this time.  Our TV took us right up to closing time at 10:30.