Monday, March 6, 2017

We woke up to a very nice sunshiny day today.  And today looked like it was going to be a day without the wind.  It was no guarantee that we’d have no wind but at least it looked like a possibility today.
After Breakfast we called Phil and Joyce and asked them if they wanted to go to McDonald’s for a Grande Mac.  They said they just ate Breakfast and weren’t interested.
We took off about noon to drive to Thousand Palms and McDonald’s for lunch.  I ordered a Grande Mac and Sharon had a regular Big Mac.  We split an order of medium Fries, and had a lovely lunch together.
After lunch we headed over to Catalina to visit Phil and Joyce for awhile.  There was nobody home so we took a ride to the Upper Pool to see if they were there.  We found a CRV the same color as theirs, with a Montana license plate and a handicap placard hanging off the mirror.  But we found out it wasn’t theirs. (The next day) They had been in town doing some shopping.
We headed back home and watched TV for about an hour and then got ourselves ready for the pool.  With the weather being as nice as it was today, we weren’t going to miss a chance to take a little dip today.  Sharon has already informed me that, “I’m not staying past 4 o’clock.”  Well, she got into a couple of long-time discussions about everything from soup to nuts, and we started back home after we removed ourselves from the hot tub, at about 4:30.  So much for not staying past 4 PM.
We got home and neither of us was very hungry, but when Sharon decided she was going to make herself a salad out of leftover chicken, I decided that I was going to have a PB&J Sandwich.  So I whipped up double decker and I had my Supper also.  We had a couple of donuts left, so we both had that for dessert.  It was a nice touch.
The wind had given us a reprieve for the day so we would be watching and catching up on television for the night.  Yesterday was a disaster for the TV since the wind was howling so bad.  We heard today that some of the gusts were up to 60 miles per hour.  But our awnings and TV antenna both survived the blast.  Everything was working fine tonight and we rode it to quitting time.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We awoke to another sunshiny day today that looked like it was going to stay that way all day.  It was definitely going to warm up no matter what happens for the rest of the day.
Phil and Joyce picked us up for a late Breakfast at the Cottage Too.  The restaurant was not too crowded today but it filled up right after we got there.  They sure have a booming business now that the Sidewinder is closed.  I think they’re almost the only restaurant doing Breakfast in this part of town.  He’ll certainly miss us and the Canadians when we go back home.
After Breakfast we came back home and Sharon decided she would take a nap.  It was actually a real fine day for the pool but after Sharon took her nap it was too late to go after that.  It didn’t matter because we haven’t been that excited to go to the pool this year anyway.
After Sharon got up we were invited over to Phil and Joyce’s for a happy hour and snacks at 4 this afternoon.  We watched Tv for awhile before we got in the car and drove over to Catalina Spa.
We were at their place until about 6 PM when the Sun finally started to go down and the air started to get a little nippy.  There was no wind today so the temp was because the Sun went down. We left and came back home.  It had been a nice little get together.  By the time we got home it was almost dark.
Neither of us was hungry for Supper having snacked over at the Bach’s.  We nibbled on stuff for the rest of the night while we watched TV.  We had a couple of things record while we were gone tonight. So by the time we sat down in front of the tube we had a couple of shows already on the DVR.  We had enough to take us to bedtime at 10:30.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We were greeted with another bright, sunshiny, warm day today.  I attempted to go over and take pictures of our pool and hot tubs today but when I got there the battery on the camera was dead.  By the time I got back home, I didn’t feel like going back again.
Today was our regular Taco Wednesday, and after a brief respite from the club, we were off to there today at noon.  We picked up Phil and Joyce at Catalina Spa and headed over.  We managed to find a booth in the main dining room today so we sat ourselves down there.  This was the culmination of only a handful of times that we’ve managed to find accommodations in the main dining room.  We managed to drink our normal quota of beer while we were there, and someone, I’m not mentioning any names, managed to spill their Nacho all over the floor.  And it wasn’t me Sharon or Phil.  The accident was quickly repaired with another order of free Nacho.
After lunch we came back home and dropped off Phil and Joyce and then came over to our park, which is another 2 blocks away.  Even though it was another really nice day, this afternoon was very ripe for a nap.  I settled into my recliner and Sharon just went off to bed.
In a couple of hours we were both up and rarin’ to go.  Unfortunately we had nowhere to go.  Neither of us wanted to cook anything for Supper or even eat Supper if it had been cooked.  Sharon whipped herself up a salad for tonight and I just opted for snacks.  We didn’t have a whole lot to snack on, but I found some chips and some praline pecans.  It wasn’t enough to fill me up but I shouldn’t have been eating it anyway.
We finally settled in for our usual entertainment for the night.  Unfortunately they were all reruns except for SIX that we had to record because it came on the same time as our other shows.  We recorded it at 10 so we’ll watch that sometime tomorrow.  We made it to our regular retirement time with heavy eyelids tonight.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

We’re getting a bunch of nice days in a row it seems like, since today was looking very good this morning.  We were planning to do some grocery shopping today over at Wal-Mart in Rancho Mirage.  We didn’t leave until late in the morning so there seemed to be a lunch on our agenda also.
As we pulled into the parking lot there seemed to be a mini-RV show in progress by some dealer in the area.  We saw a motorhome that looked like a Winnebago Vista in the lot and Sharon has been searching for one for the last few years on the Internet.  We stopped just to have a glance at it and then headed for the store to do our shopping.
The motorhome that we saw was just what we’ve been looking for quite some time.  The color and the length were perfect.  Actually the length was a little short of what we’ve been looking for but the amount of storage was astronomical.  The length was 27' and we were really looking for one that was 30'.  But it has 3 slides that negate the need for the extra 3 feet.  Needless to say, we talked about the coach all the time while we were shopping.
After getting back from shopping, we headed back to the RV Show put on by Mike Thompson RV.  It’s a huge RV dealer out here.  We spoke again to the salesman Myles Johnson and got the particulars about the coach and really looked it over this time.  This tour around the coach showed us the tremendous amount of storage that it has.  With a little finagling, and some pushing and pulling, it looked like we were buying a motorhome today.
By the time we got finished signing all the paperwork it was 5:30 in the afternoon.  We would be going to Card Bingo tonight at 6:15 so we needed to get home and eat something for Supper.  We managed to get all that done and we picked up Phil and Joyce by 6:15 for Bingo.
Phil and Sharon got lucky tonight having both had a win.  Joyce and I got skunked.  It wasn’t the first time I walked home with empty pockets.  Oh well, may be I’ll have better luck next week.
After Bingo we got back home to watch a little tube until it was time for the slumber.  Of course going to bed doesn’t necessarily mean you will sleep.  We had a lot on our minds tonight and the last time we bought a motorhome it took a couple of nights to fully relax.  I don’t expect it to be any different this time.

Friday, March 10, 2017

We were up this morning and it looked like a very fine day today.  Sharon was off to town for boxes to pack our stuff for our big move on Tuesday.  She came back with 8 pretty good sized, boxes so now all we have to do is fill them.
We had to stop by the RV show on Monterey before we went to lunch today at the Hibachi Grill.  We left home about 12:30 and picked up Phil and Joyce before we headed out.  We would be meeting Terry, Phil friend from Thousand Trails at the Restaurant at 1.
We stopped at the RV show to see Myles, (Johnson) our salesman for the ten minutes we needed to finalize our business with Mike Thompson RV.  I had also lost my glasses when we were giving our new coach the “once more” over, and they had found a pair that someone turned in.  They were mine so I took possession of them before we left.
We arrived at the restaurant which was no more than across the street and Terry was waiting already.  We proceeded to sit down and had a wonderful meal and conversation.  We had met Terry before today and it was nice to see him again.  We didn’t leave until all of us were pretty full and topped it off with a Root Beer Float.
After we dropped Phil and Joyce off we came back home to fill boxes.  We were trying to figure out which stuff we would pack and which stuff we would just transfer on Tuesday.  It was relatively easy because the stuff we haven’t used for awhile would go in the boxes and possibly be forgotten until we get home.  The stuff we use all the time would be put away in drawers and cabinets and be convenient to get access to.  We didn’t get much done today because the Chinese food went right to our eyes when we got home.  We did get a start on what we were going to do, however.
By the time we woke back up it was Suppertime but neither of us would be eating it.  We were still full from lunch and not interested in food.
We continued our job of filling boxes even though we knew we had plenty of time before Tuesday.  We watched the Telly as we worked and then quit early after we had made a good dent.  Besides I was sore after taking a digger today out on the concrete and gravel.  I didn’t get hurt but I was still sore from the fall.  No blood, no injury, just embarrassment.  We headed for the sack about 10 and not having slept last night, I was sleeping when I hit the pillow.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

It’s Saturday today and the Breakfast at Two Springs Resort & RV is waiting for us.  This will be the last Saturday that we’ll be able to enjoy this meal.  And it’s such a shame because this is the last day it will be offered.  We spoke to one of the ladies from the kitchen help and they’re tired of having to do it by themselves.  It’s much the same in any group.  Well we had a good run while it lasted.
After a wonderful Breakfast we headed back home and stopped and did a couple of Rummage sales while we were out.  Most of the sales happened last weekend so we had very little to pick from.
We got home this morning and worked our fingers to the bone packing boxes.  We some completed and ready to move into the car today.  We figured it would take us less time to transfer if we move half of our stuff into the car.  Since we already have a site over here we won’t have to pay for another one if we just don’t use one.  We worked hard for most of the day until Suppertime when we quit to have Dinner.  By the time we quit there were boxes all over the place.
We had Chicken Fried Steak tonight along with Mashed Potatoes and Peas.  It was very good and restaurant quality.  It actually surprisingly easy to make according to Sharon.
After Supper Sharon got to making Banana Bread Muffins, which turned out to be very good also.  They were a little unusual and fun to eat.  We’ve never had Banana Bread made into muffins before.  Sometimes I wonder what fuel she uses to keep her going all day and half the night.
Me on the other hand, dropped into my recliner and settled in front of the TV after working for most of the day packing.  We stayed up tonight until 11 before we finished watching the things that were recorded on the DVR.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Last night we forgot to turn our clocks ahead so we were off kilter right out of bed.  Sharon was off to church the first thing and anyone can figure out how that turned out.  She was late and gave me a call to tell me about it, and also tell me that she was heading straight for K-Mart to do some shopping.
I started packing this morning right out of the gate and by the time she got home I was still packing.  We’d be packing for most of the day today getting ready to transfer tomorrow morning. 
As soon as Sharon got home she took off with the laundry for the week.  She decided to drop the laundry off and bring the car back here so I could pack it with the boxes that were already filled.  We decided to do our transfer a little different this time.  We’re packing the car full so we won’t be in a hurry to do everything all at once when we get back over to the Dealers.  I had the car almost full by the time she got back.
We spent the whole afternoon packing and watching TV at the same time.  The TV was really on for background noise while we worked.
By Suppertime we were pretty much finished with the filling of the car and we started lining boxes up inside the coach.  There really wasn’t much left to line up inside but we had Sharon’s cloth Grocery bags filled also.  The cloth bags are nice cause you can just dump stuff in them, and their really not packed “away.”
We had Bratwurst for Supper tonight and they tasted quite good.  Sharon cooked them on the grill.  That was all we had was the Bratwurst but we didn’t want much more than that.
The rest of the night we sat and absorbed a well deserved rest.  We had worked hard today and we did have a couple of shows on to watch tonight.  We headed into bed at our regular time.