Monday, February 27, 2017

It was dark and overcast this morning and we would be getting some rain today for sure.  In fact, we got rain for most of the day and part of the night also.
This was pretty much going to be a stay at home day today with not much happening.  They will have the Birthday and Anniversary party tonight in the clubhouse but we’re not signed up for it this time.
We just sat watching TV for the afternoon since the rain has not let up since this morning.  Sharon eventually got tired of watching the Telly and wrangled herself a little nap.  I teased her about taking naps every day becomes a bad habit.  I know because when I was working I’d come home almost every day and after lunch, sit in my recliner and take a little snooze for a half hour.  After a while it got to be an everyday affair.
A couple of days ago we had another set of Country Ribs which were delicious and Sharon stripped all the meat off them again and made BBQ Pork sandwiches for Supper tonight.  And of course, the sandwiches were terrific.  I even had a few Hash Browns that I had cooked up for my Breakfast, left over so I sent them down the pipe also.  We had just gotten another meal out of the way.
Tonight was going to be loaded with new shows to watch on regular TV.  Even though we also ran the DVR, we didn’t go to our backup shows until about 8 o’clock.  And then only because it wasn’t time to retire for the night yet.  But when 10:30 rolled around it was time to take down the tent and put away the tent stakes for the night.  We hit the hay immediately afterward.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The last day of February and nothing special is planned today.  We would do some grocery shopping today and that means we’ll have to go out for Breakfast.  We were headed for the Cottage Two again this morning and it didn’t seem as busy as it has been over the past few weeks.  Maybe it was because we were there a little later than usual.  We managed to get there just a little before 10 this morning.
We stopped at Stater Bros. on the way home to pick up a few things for this week.  We also needed Coke since we were down to our last half bottle and picked up about 4 of them.  She also had a few other things that we needed for this week.
A quick stop at the Post Office was our next side trip before we started to head for home.  We had to pick up some stamps to mail out a few of the things that we couldn’t complete online.  After that stop we were done for the town things we
had to do today.
Before we actually headed back to our campground we made a visit to Wagner RV Park to see the mobile home of Henry Dookie, the gentleman who stopped over the other day wanting to buy our motorhome.  We had to see what he’s expecting to sell for $40,000.00.  Our personal opinion is that he won’t be offered anywhere near what he expects. But then you never know what people will put out their money for.
After we got home I realized that I would have to dump our holding tanks today.  So needless to say I got to it almost as soon as we got back home.
It actually turned out to be a very nice day today even though we didn’t opt to go to the pool.  For some reason the subject never came up.
For Dinner tonight we had Cheeseburgers and French Fries.  Sharon likes it when she can cook burgers on the grill so she does it whenever she can.  I usually cook on the grill, but today she just took the bull by the horns and did it herself.
After Dinner we planted ourselves in front of the Telly for the night.  It would be the night of the President’s speech to the joint session of Congress.  The Democrats put themselves on display again by acting like assholes in front of the cameras.  I can’t understand why they disrespect the institutions of the government that they’re a part of.  Do they have so little regard for the elective Constitutional process?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Our weather this morning at wake-up-time was sunshiny and warm.  We’re hoping that it remains that way for the entire day.  Lately it manages to change sometime during the day and preventing us from going to the pool.
I got up this morning expecting to go to Taco Wednesday today at the VFW.  Little did I suspect that Sharon would not be feeling well enough to make it to the club for lunch.  No matter, I wasn’t feeling up to going last week so now we’re each responsible for missing a week.  We’ve never missed going to the club as long as we were here, in the past.  Phil and Joyce Bach will be back, from home, tomorrow and we’ll probably be back on our regular schedule again.
We stayed at home and had Breakfast also this morning.  We’ve been having Breakfast for almost every trip into town that we’ve made over the past weeks.  But today we didn’t have a reason to go into town so consequently, no Breakfast either.  Lunch was also at home today.  I hope this doesn’t continue for very long in the future.
About 2 o’clock we opted for the pool today.  We were by ourselves for about the first half hour and then people had the same idea we had today.
  Actually the air was a little chilly today but the temperature of the water in the pool made up for that.  We were there for a couple of hours before we called it quits and came home.  By this time it was about 4 o’clock.
Sharon had put a bunch of Chicken Wings in the Crock Pot this morning with some BBQ sauce.  They were cooking all day, and because of previous experience, we knew they’d be fabulously tender and delicious.  She also cut up celery and placed it on a plate with mini-tomatoes and carrots along with Ranch Dressing for dipping.  And then baked mini-biscuits coated with garlic and butter.  The entire Dinner was a throw-together affair but it all worked out very well.  We didn’t think that we’d eat all the wings in one sitting, but when we got up, they were all gone.  We did have some of the veggies left over though.
After Dinner, all we wanted to do was sit and digest our meal.  And the perfect place was directly in front of the television.  We settled in after doing the dishes and stayed put for the entire night...........except for a little snacking later on.  We had plenty of good original programming on tonight.  It lasted until the last dog was hung and we were ready for the feathers.  We actually were up until 11 tonight before it was all over.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

We awoke today to a nice sunshiny day that was already beginning to warm up.  I checked with Sharon and her agenda had a trip into town on it.  It was later in the morning and I hadn’t eaten Breakfast so it sounded to me like an invitation to go out for lunch.
We left home about 11 and went straight to McDonald’s for lunch.  We went to McD’s because it was in the same mall that the grocery and dollar stores were in.  After lunch Sharon walked over to Von’s Grocery while I searched the parking lot for a spot.  I managed to find one, right in front of the door.
She got her grocery shopping done while I sat out in the car listening to Rush on the radio for a half hour.  By the time she came back out again it was time to go to the dollar store next door.  I had to move the car again.  This was going to be a short stop for posterboard.  We have signs outside our campground to sell the motorhome and we needed the brightly colored posterboard to spruce up the sign to make it more visible.
After the dollar store we headed back home.  It wouldn’t be long before we headed for the pool for the afternoon for the water of the pool.  By this time the day had warmed up nicely and it was very pleasant in the pool.  We stayed for a few hours and by 4 we were headed back home.  There were several people in the pool by the time we left.
We decided to have pizza for Supper tonight so Sharon threw a frozen DiGiorno’s Pizza in the oven and we chowed down on that for the next 45 minutes.  The pizza turned out to be very good.  We usually always buy the same kind for that reason.  We’ve had them several times before and they always turn out good.
Tonight was Card Bingo night at Catalina Spa.  We told Phil and Joyce that we’d pick them up tonight and ride up to the Upper Clubhouse together.  Sharon and I got lucky tonight.  I won a candy bar and a double pot and Sharon won a single.  We walked out with $10.80 tonight.  Phil and Joyce each won a candy bar for the best poker hand.  We all had a good time anyway.  It’s nice just to get together for an evening.
After we headed home we camped out in front of the Telly for the night.  Most of our regular show were taped so we watched them when we got home.  Those shows took us all the way to slumber time, and that was about 10:45

Friday, March 3, 2017

With Phil and Joyce having just arrived, we knew there would be a trip to the Cottage Too in the near future.  We weren’t surprised that today would be the day for us to go.  They picked us up and we were off for a dining experience that we absolutely love.
The restaurant wasn’t anywhere near as busy today as it has been over the past weeks.  We’ve just barely gotten a seat in the most recent past but today we managed to pick wherever we wanted to sit.  We got our usual orders and had a great meal. 
After Breakfast we perused a couple of mobile home and RV Parks for the rummage sales they were having.  We only attended a handful because most of the parks were having their sales tomorrow.  We didn’t find much we couldn’t live without so maybe we’ll have better luck tomorrow.
We sat around a while after we got home and just waited until it was pool time.  The day turned out to be very nice and warm and we were going to take advantage of it while we could.  When we went over to the pool and there were about a half dozen people  already there.  They were all pretending to block their ears because a guy with a gas powered pressure washer was cleaning around the pool and hot tubs.  The damn thing was quite noisy until he finally quit when he ran out of gas.  Everybody in the pool was relieved when the noise of the engine ceased.
We left the pool about 4 so Sharon could go home and have enough time to make our Supper.  She would be heating up the leftover BBQ Pork that she had made the Crock Pot a few days ago.  We had enough left for a couple of sandwiches on buns and then we spread the rest of the pork on bread.  It was quite tasty indeed.  We finished the leftover vegetables that she had cut up the other night also.
After Dinner we settled in front of the TV for the rest of the night.  We had a couple of our regular shows that we watch every week on tonight.  And as we sat and watched, we nibbled on snacks for most of the night.  I have to stop doing that.  We headed for the feathers at our regular time tonight.  We were gone with the lights out by10:30.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

We picked up Phil and Joyce and headed for the Buffet Breakfast at Two Springs RV Resort this morning.  This will be the second to last Breakfast that they will be putting on this year.  And when they quit this year, there will be no more.  We’ve been advised and duly disappointed.
We all left the resort with full stomachs and satisfied looks on our faces.  We would be stopping for rummage sales before going back home.
We had never seen so many signs for sales on the streets in a long time.  We were planning on attending most of them, or at least the ones we didn’t hit yesterday.  We stopped at about a half dozen parks and drove around every one of them.  We picked up a couple of things among the 4 of us, but nothing really earthshaking.  By the time we got back home it was almost noon.
It was overcast and a little nippy so we wouldn’t be going to the pool today.  Even though the pool is always nice and warm (94 degrees) it just doesn’t seem to hold our interest as it has in past years.  We’ve only been to the pool a few more times than a handful, and that might be because our friends of previous years have not been here this year.  It just doesn’t seem as much fun anymore.
We sat in the coach for most of the afternoon with me watching TV and Sharon doing Crossword Puzzles.  We were content with both of our choices.  Soon Sharon took off for the bedroom for a nap.
Before she could get to sleep however, Henry Dookie came over with his friend Brandon to check out the motorhome.  Brandon entered all the information into a website to check the value of our coach.  The figures jibed and the value came out just like I knew it would.  After they left, Sharon got about heating up leftover Lasagna for our Dinner tonight.
We had the Lasagna, a Lettuce Salad and a little vino to wash it all down.  It was all quite delicious indeed.
After Dinner we got about the dishes and then settled in front of the TV for the night.  We had reruns on tonight but they were all good ones and kept us entertained all night.  We lasted until our regular bewitching hour and then caved in.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sharon was off to church this morning and I was off to the TV for my Sunday political shows.  The wind would make a nasty appearance today and last all day.
Sharon would be stopping and shopping before she got home this morning.  Unfortunately she would pick up Tamales at the church and they were the sorriest Tamales we’ve ever had.  Last week’s Tamales were a sorry mess with most of them broken apart.  This week’s offering were about the size of a golf ball and were still $2 apiece.  We won’t be buying them from the church from now on until they come back to the original size and quality, which may be never.  We might not be here long enough for them to wake up, this year.
Today’s wind may be enough to swear off California also in the near future.  Today we had to put our slides in again to keep the awnings from being ripped.  Because the wind was blowing so hard we didn’t have any TV today.  I may have a cheap antenna but this has never happened for such an extended period before.  We tried to watch movies on tape but even that wasn’t working today. This turned into a completely miserable day and it lasted all night.
After being almost content to sit around and do nothing today, we had Chicken and Rice for Supper tonight.  Poor Sharon made an effort to provided us with a meal tonight, and the Rice was al dente, and the chicken had a funny texture.  Neither problem was Sharon’s fault.
For the rest of the night was we kept playing games on our devices since there was still no signal on the satellite dish.  At 8 PM we tried the dish again and while we couldn’t get a signal pre-recorded tapes did play.  So we watched a movie until it was time to call it quits.  The wind subsided sometime during the night.