Monday, February 6, 2017

Football season is over and no more Monday Morning Quarterbacking for another year.  This morning we arose from the bed having to endure another windy day.  It mostly woke us up with the flapping of the awnings.
We had shopping on our minds this morning.  Not our usual grocery shopping, but hardware store shopping.  We needed a new water hose to replace the one that was destroyed during our stay at Caliente Springs Resort.  We also needed a plastice union to fix our replacement hose that we had been using.  Sharon also thought she could do a little grocery shopping at the store next door to the hardware store.  Unfortunately when we got there, in Desert Hot Springs, the grocery store was closed up.
After shopping we went to the Jack in the Box to have lunch.  We chose the one at Palm Drive and Interstate 10.  The food was excellent but the Bacon Butter Burger’s almost $8 price was not a good value in my estimation.  It was a single patty with cheese and bacon with fries.  Not a good comparison to my usual Dbl Quarter Pounder with cheese from McDonalds.
We got home and I hooked up the old water hose since it was leaking from the spigot and found that with a new washer it was working just fine.  So I just kept the new hose in its wrapper for the time being.  I’m almost sure we’ll need it before we go home.
Neither of us was hungry for Supper tonight having eaten a late lunch today.  We’ll be snacking for the entire night probably.
And true to form, I had another piece of Strawberry Shortcake tonight.  It was quite good and it really hit the spot for the time being.  We watched a couple new shows on TV tonight.  24 Legacy and APB were both new and quite good.  It looks like Monday will be a TV watching night for the rest of the season.  We had a couple of other shows taped which carried us through the night.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We started out with a bang this morning as we headed to town for the Cottage Too Restaurant.  We would be meeting Terry and JoAnne and Ron at the Restaurant for Breakfast, my favorite time of the day.  I’ll go anywhere for Breakfast, and I mean literally anywhere.  I’ve long since decided that it’s my favorite meal of the day.
The restaurant wasn’t too crowded today, but on the way Sharon decided that she wanted to show me something on the way.  There was a paint stain on the road that started at Hacienda and Mountain View and continued down the road past the Cottage Too.  By road, the distance is probably about 4 or so miles.  It was probably a can of paint that tipped over in the back of a pickup truck and kept draining all that way.  I guess Sharon had noticed the stain on her way to church one day.
After Breakfast we stopped at Von’s and filled up our gas tank.  We didn’t have any reward points so we had to pay full price for the gas.  Ironically we went to the grocery store after we filled up with gas.  We knew it was a dumb way to do it, but we did it that way deliberately.  We probably could have saved a buck and a half by doing it the other way.
After we came home I decided that I would dump the black water tank.  We were already set up, so I just had to basically pull the handle and then rinse the tank. The old hose I hooked up yesterday was working just fine so I kept the new one in reserve for later.
When Sharon went grocery shopping today she picked up stuff to make Stuffed Green Peppers for Supper tonight.  They turned out very good and she had some leftover mini-potatoes that I had while she had a salad.  It all turned out quite good, indeed.
We had some regular shows on tonight but the wind was playing havoc with the satellite dish tonight.  We managed to tape a few things which carried us until bedtime, but the shows were skipping because of the wind.  In any event it wasn’t enough to deter us from watching what we wanted to watch.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

We awoke to a beautiful day today, no wind, and with the temperature likely to get into the high 70's.
It’s also Taco Wednesday today and we’ll be going to the VFW for lunch.  I’ve sworn off alcohol at least temporarily for now.  I didn’t care for how I felt last Wednesday when I got home from the club.
We left early for lunch knowing we had to have 7 seats for all of us.  The Leducs, Bertaminis and us would be going along with Arlene’s sister Elaine.  When we got there at 11:45 it seemed relatively busy by the looks of the parking lot, but when we got inside we could have plopped down almost anywhere we wanted to.  The back Dining Room was only half full.  During lunch Terry, Elaine and I were the non-alcoholic beverage drinkers for the day.  It worked out nicely for me cause I felt immensely better when I got home today.
When we got home Sharon gave me a choice.  Go to the pool, or go for a nap.  She looked like she needed the nap, so I said I didn’t care. It only took a couple of hours out of the day and I sat and watched the Telly while she was out.
By the time Supper rolled around we were on our own.  I had a Burrito for lunch, and it was quite filling, so I wasn’t worried about anything for Supper.  I did snack on a couple of things later on.
We turned on the Telly for our entertainment tonight.  Without the wind we had no trouble recording or watching our shows tonight.  We even managed to record a couple of shows that we’ll have to watch tomorrow or the next day.  We had no trouble tonight getting to the bewitching hour.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

We got up this morning with the expectations that it was going to be quite warm today.  Sharon opened the windows and doors as soon as was expedient.
We ate a light Breakfast this morning knowing that we had to make a trip to the Agua Caliente Casino sometime today to pick up our players cards.  We need the cards to attend the Seafood Buffet on Friday night.  Terry and JoAnne invited us to go with them for their anniversary.
We left home before noon and stopped at McDonalds for lunch before we headed over to the casino.  We wanted to go today so we wouldn’t have to wait in line at the Players Desk tomorrow night.  We figured there would be less people there this afternoon.  We didn’t plan on the parking lot being full when we got there.  It was and we drove through it twice to find a spot.  Sharon finally dropped me off at the door and drove off to find a place.  We were right in figuring that there wouldn’t be any rush for cards today.  We walked right up to the desk and they helped us immediately.
We came back home and got ready, and then went to the pool this afternoon.  We’ve only been to the pool less than a handful of times this year.  The weather just hasn’t been conducive to soaking in the pool.  But we went today and there were a few other people that apparently felt the same way.  It seems that this pool is never really crowded according to a couple of people in the pool today.
After a couple of hours we got back from the pool to have a quick Supper of Scrambled Egg Sandwiches and mini-potatoes.  It was a nice change-of-pace.
After Supper tonight we headed off to Catalina Spa for their Card Bingo game.  They keep the gate locked now to keep out the riff-raff from the other parks, like us.  We know the code for the gate however, being previous members.  It didn’t help us a bit however, as the only thing we won tonight was a couple of candy bars.
We came back home and camped out in front of the boob tube until bedtime.  We got to watch a couple of taped programs of regular shows that were on tonight. We went to bed at our usual time.

Friday, February 10, 2017

We were off to the Cottage Too this morning for Breakfast.  Just Sharon and I would be there today.
After Breakfast we headed home to get ready for an early dip in the pool today.  We would be going to the casino for Dinner tonight at the Seafood Buffet.
By the time we got to the pool there was nobody in it.  The water was calm without a ripple in it.  And it was quite warm out by the time we got there.  It wasn’t long, however, before a few people showed up.  By the time we left at 3 there was about a half dozen people in the pool.  As I said it never seems to get crowded in there.
After getting back home and showering, we left for the casino at 4 PM.  We managed to arrive a few minutes early and before the Bertaminis.  They had brought some extra people with them.  Ron and another couple which made us a party of seven.  We did manage to get seated immediately, and it wasn’t long before the Dining Room filled up.  We were surprised that they had such a huge crowd.  People were still coming into the Dining Room when we left, and it was seemingly already full.
We came home and didn’t get there until after 6 and our early shows had already been on and I forgot the record them.  So we were stuck watching what we had taped already, but we were in time to catch Blue Bloods.  So we watched that and a couple of other shows that we had recorded previously before we headed for the hay.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

We awoke this morning to a very nice but overcast day with the possibility of it clearing up over the next few hours.  The nice days are really iffy this year and you never know how they’ll turn out.
We were off this morning to Two Springs RV Resort for the Buffet Breakfast when we got a call from Terry and JoAnne saying that the Breakfast appeared to be cancelled since there was nobody at the clubhouse.  We got as far as Palm Drive and were stopped at the light when we got the call.  We turned up Palm Drive toward the Cottage Too and met them there this morning.  We had no indication from last week that the Breakfast would be cancelled this morning.  Sharon thought it may have been because they were doing something for Valentine’s day tonight and needed time to get the food ready.
After Breakfast we came immediately home and sat and watched TV for most of the day.
We left for the clubhouse at about 5:20 tonight because the Valentine’s Dinner and Dance was commencing at 5:30.  We didn’t get served until about 6 because they were still cooking.  I hate it when that happens.  I never know when I’m supposed to take my medication.  Tonight it got to be questionable.
While they were cooking tonight they opened up the oven and smoke poured out filling up the whole building.  They scrambled to open the doors to clear the smoke before the meal was served.  It was kind of funny to see everybody coughing and choking from the smoke.
We were having Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, mixed veggies and Yorkshire Pudding.  And they finished it off with a huge slice of Strawberry Shortcake.  Having heard so much about Yorkshire Pudding we were disappointed in the final offering.  It was a thing that I’ve been doing for years.  Gravy over a chewy roll.  I was thinking that the bread part was going to be special, but I didn’t detect it.  The meal in its entirety was very good and we enjoyed it immensely.  They had a DJ in attendance that played music after the meal and the 50/50 drawing.  We stayed for about an hour and so did everyone else.  Most people were still seated when we left.
We got back home and entertained ourselves in front of the Telly for the night.  It was a Saturday so the offerings were putrid to say the least.  We did have enough recorded to get us through the night, however.  We actually ended up staying up til 11 tonight before we ran out of things to watch.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

We had quite a bit of wind last night and when I tried to watch my shows this morning they were skipping a bit.  I did manage to get the whining from the entire Left however.
Sharon, of course, was off to church this morning as soon as she got up.  I got a call before church informing me that they were selling Tamales again today.  Needless to say I told her to pick some up for our lunch.
By the time she got home at 11:30 I was done with my programs.  We waited for about 45 minutes before we sat down for our lunch.
We got a text from Henry and Arlene that said Henry’s mother had died last night and that they would be leaving for B.C. tomorrow.  Sharon sent them a text to see if we could stop over and say good-bye before they left.  They were going to be busy but they said there was no reason why we couldn’t.
So after we ate lunch we went over to their campground to say our good-byes.  About 15 minutes after we got there, Henry received a phone call from his and they talked for about a half hour, and then Henry came out and announced that they would be staying until they’re regular time to leave in two weeks.  That was a relief for them, since they already have their reservations made, as to where they’ll store the 5th Wheel  when they get back home.  So because the trip was temporarily postponed, they had a few beers before we came back home.
It was a little chilly out today so we opted out of the pool today.  Besides Sharon was now diligently working on a 500 piece Jigsaw puzzle.  I didn’t mind cause I’m just not that excited about going to the pool this year.  For no other reason than its been a little cool or the wind has been blowing, and its just not pleasant enough to enjoy the pool even though the water is 94 degrees.
Tonight was another TV watching night.  I love watching TV when the original programming is on at this time of the year.  It seems as though every award show is reason enough to play re-runs though.  And I am not one to watch the Liberals pat themselves on the back for the wonderful things they do.  It seems like every year they invent another award to give to themselves.  I watched Lockup on the TV tonight.