.Monday, January 30, 2017

We were off this morning for Breakfast over in Cathedral City to the Sunshine Café.  We would meet Terry and JoAnne Bertamini there and have some food and conversation.
I took the wrong way to get over there which almost made us late.  I wasn’t thinking as I drove to Palm Drive and crossed over ( the Interstate) that way.  I should have gone the opposite way and crossed over on Date Palm.  It’s a bit shorter going that way.
In any event,  we arrived only 2 minutes after 9 so theoretically we were on time for the distance traveled.  We all had the Sunshine Special and we had a very nice Breakfast and some good conversation.  We were there about an hour and a half before we headed back home.
After we got back home, Sharon wanted to put the awning out and we broke the strap trying to make that happen.  As a matter of fact we broke it twice trying to get it out.  We finally gave up because it was too hot to mess with that thing in the hot sun.  So we just went back inside and opened the windows for the day.
By the afternoon we were ready to go to the pool.  This would be 2 days in a row.  It looks like were finally getting the weather we need to have to make going to the pool a regular activity.
We were at the pool for a couple of hours before we came back home again.  We met a few more people over there that seem to be there every day.
For Supper tonight we had the Tamales from Sunday, and a couple of Chimichangas that were in the freezer for awhile since Deming.  It was a different Supper but it was still good.
After Supper tonight we went over to the Clubhouse for Coffee, Cake and Ice Cream to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays.  We didn’t know anybody there but we met a few people and the cake and Ice Cream were good and it was free.
After the gathering which about 40 people were in attendance we left for home and watched the tube for the rest of the night.  The shows were all repeats but I didn’t remember them so they were new to me.  I guess it’s all a part of getting old.  We held out until 10:30 until we finally headed south.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

We awoke to another lovely sunshiny day today.  It’ll make it easily into the 70's today.  Sharon was off on her walk this morning and I was busy holding down the fort.
We really had nothing to do today and I was quite happy with the prospect.  I thought I would get a chance to work on the Newsletter but the day just seemed to zip by and I never got started on it.
Sharon got home from her walk and suggested a haircut for me today.  Since there was nothing holding us back today, I agreed it would be a perfect day to carry that out.  So I ended up with a lovely haircut for my troubles.
For the rest of the morning Sharon was reading and I just stared at the boob tube.  We had a few things on tape that I hadn’t seen yet and caught up on those today.
Sharon took her book and went outside to sit in the Sun for the day.  She lasted for awhile, and then came back inside and decided on taking a nap.  And as long as she was sleeping I decided I would nod off for a bit also.  I usually wake up first from those dual naps, and today was no different.  Except today I started watching a movie called “The Big Lebowski.”  It was one of those nonsense movies that Sharon would never watch anyway.  Except that she got semi-interested after she got up from her nap.  Go figure.
We cleaned up the last of the Pork from the Country Ribs tonight, for Supper.  Sharon whipped up a small batch of Potato Salad and we had a very nice Dinner, even though it was only “pulled” Pork sandwiches and Potato Salad.  The Pork seemed to taste better and better every time we had it.
Tonight was going to be no different than most nights.  We’ll stay home and “gather” around the TV even though most of the shows are re-runs at this time.  For the most part they always manage to keep us up til it’s time to go to bed.  Tonight was no different.  We check the clock, and if it’s around 10:30 the lights go out and so do we.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It was Taco Wednesday today and we’ll be going to the VFW for lunch.  We have extra people going today.  Terry and JoAnne are bringing Ron, a friend from Alberta that we met a couple of years ago, and Henry and Arlene are bringing her sister Elaine.  It’s an unusual day because Terry and JoAnne never go to the VFW, and Terry doesn’t drink.  And Arlene’s sister doesn’t drink either.  And both Henry and Terry don’t like “Mexican” food.  This ought to be a very strange experience to say the least.  We also left early to arrive at the club at 11:30 in order to find enough seats together.
As it turned out, going early was a good idea for finding empty seats at the club.  I could. Have backfired on us, but we found enough seats for the 8 of us easily.  The conversation among the drinker and non-drinkers flowed pretty freely around the table.  I think the two people who had never been there before had a good time and that was all that was expected.
After we left the club and came home it was nap time.  Sharon goes directly to bed and I just relax in my recliner.  It always ends up the same way anyway, however.  We’re both gone for a couple of hours.
I was hoping that we’d make it to the pool today but that never happened.  We ended the afternoon just watching a little tube.
For Supper tonight I had a bowl of Tomato Bisque Soup, and some Ritz Crackers.  My stomach wasn’t feeling to well and I didn’t want to put anything heavy on it.
  Regular for us anyway.  The networks are still re-running shows from this Fall, but at least they are good shows.
We stayed up until 10:30 tonight hoping that they’d find something on “The Curse of Oak Island” but nothing materialized tonight either.  We’ve been watching it for 3 years with the hopes of them finding something besides dirt.  That was part of our fare for the night and we were disappointed again.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

We were headed for town this morning having to stop at a few places including the Cottage Too for Breakfast.  We checked the Urgent Care in Desert Hot Springs to see if it was busy this morning.  I’ve been having trouble with a plugged up ear for the last two weeks and I think it’s time I be seen by a medical professional about it.  The office didn’t seem to be too busy so we’ll probably be back after Breakfast.
We continued on to Breakfast, my favorite meal, and the restaurant wasn’t too busy this morning either.  It took us a while to get our food which is unusual for the Cottage, but it was still very good.
On the way home we stopped at Urgent Care and I saw a Physician’s Assistant about my ear.  It took about an hour and Sharon made an urgent trip home while I was busy at Urgent Care.  She got back before I was done and she drove me home before she went shopping for the day.
She came back and went to Von’s Grocery store for stuff we need for this weekend and then stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up my prescriptions that had been called in.
She was gone for about an hour and when she got back she took off with the laundry.  She found out that the laundry in this campground is quite a bit cheaper than where she usually goes.  I don’t know what she eats for Breakfast that gives her the energy to just keep going all day.
By mid-afternoon she was back from the laundry and ready to relax for a while.
We both fended for ourselves for Dinner tonight.  Neither of us was that hungry and Sharon didn’t want to cook anyway so it worked out very well.
We settled in after Dinner in our favorite chairs for some entertainment for the evening.  We had some old shows on and a couple of new ones that kept us up until the bewitching hour.  When the clock ticked past 10:30 it was time to fold up the tent and put away the cookstove for the night.

Friday, February 3, 2017

We were up late again this morning.  Ever since I’ve had this ear blockage it seems like I need more sleep in the morning.  And whether I need it or not I seem to be getting it.
I worked on the Newsletter for most of the day today.  We had nothing else to do today until 4 this afternoon so I thought it would be a good day to hit the Newsletter a good lick.
Sharon took off in the afternoon to have her hair cut over at the Desert Crest Salon.  She was gone for about an hour.
I thought we’d have enough time to go to the pool today but by the time Sharon got back from her hair appointment, it was a little too late since we have to be in Indio tonight at 4.
We will be having Dinner tonight with Henry and Arlene and her sister Elaine at the Jackalope Ranch Restaurant in Indio, which is 30 miles from our campground.  The Jackalope is a very unique restaurant.  The ideal seating is out on the patio but after the Sun goes down it get a little chilly out there even though they have heaters around the tables.
We left for the Jackalope at 3:25 thinking we had plenty of time to get to the restaurant.  We found on the way that the Jefferson Street exit was closed and we had to backtrack 2 miles to get on another road to get there.  We were only a few minutes late by the time we got there, but I attribute it to the fact we pretty much know our way around the valley.
I don’t know why I keep agreeing to go to this restaurant.  I don’t care for it, but the food is good and Sharon enjoys it.  I didn’t particularly care for the Fish and Chips that I ate tonight, and the price for the value is a little high.
By the time we got back home our usual shows on the TV schedule had gone by.  We made it home for Blue Bloods and that was it.  Everything comes on so early out here that if you’re not on the ball and recording it, you lose out.  We watched a movie tonight called “Last Man Standing” with Bruce Willis that took us up to bedtime at 10:30.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

We were off to Two Springs RV Resort this morning to go to their first Breakfast Buffet of the season.  It’s a little late this year but as the old saying goes, “better late, than never.”  We’ve been going to this Breakfast every Saturday for several years and we’re glad that it’s back on again.  For $6.50 it’s and all-you-can-eat Buffet with many things being cooked to order along with several Breakfast selections on the menu.
We met Terry and JoAnne Bertamini and their friend Ron at the Resort and sat down and had a very filling time.  I guess when you encounter your first Breakfast buffet of the year you have a tendency to eat too much.  This time was no different.
After breakfast we came home and both of us took a little nap.  We didn’t sleep that long that we didn’t have enough time to go to the pool today for a couple of hours.  The water was very warm and we stayed there for a couple of hours before we came back home again.
Sharon whipped up some Pigs in a Blanket and Macaroni and Cheese tonight for Supper.  Neither of us was feeling too hungry after the big Breakfast but the Pigs and Macaroni and Cheese went right down.  We had a few leftover so they’ll make a good lunch someday.
After Supper we settled into our usual positions in front of the tube for the night.  We watched a few episodes of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet. And filled in the night with a few other cable shows tonight.  We didn’t have anything so interesting to watch that it kept us up past our bedtime.  In fact Sharon shuffled off to Buffalo just a few minutes before me.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sharon was off to church this morning and I was off to the TV to watch my Sunday morning shows.  The big story this morning was Trump’s Immigration ban.  I don’t understand this policy.  You can let anyone into the country (Obama) But you can’t stop them from coming. (Trump) And giving Constitutional Rights to non-citizens.  Have the Liberals gone completely insane?  I exercised my Constitutional Right to turn them off and delete the program.
Sharon stopped at K-Mart on the way home after church this morning.  She found a few deals that she couldn’t pass up, including Coke for a buck a bottle.  She picked up 6 of them which should hold us for awhile.
By the time she got home it was time for lunch.  She was back on her diet having gained 5 pounds over the weekend.  She made me a Grilled Pastrami, Ham and Cheese sandwich for lunch.  It was quite tasty.  She, of course, had a large fruit salad.
The weather since this morning had really turned “nasty looking.”  It was overcast and the wind had picked up somewhat since this morning so a trip to the pool was almost out of the question.  It would have been a possibility except that Sharon decided to take a little nap in her chair today.  It didn’t matter, because wide awake, I don’t think she would have hit the pool with the sky looking like it was, anyway.
For Supper tonight Sharon made me Fried Chicken Strips with mini-potatoes, and she had a Big Salad with a few pieces of fried Chicken.  We both had Strawberry Shortcake for Dessert.  We don’t usually have dessert but tonight was an exception.  On the way back home this morning, she found a guy on the road selling Strawberries that were the size of small plums. We tasted a couple of them and they were as sweet as I’ve ever tasted.
After Dinner tonight we settled in for our usual entertainment, the TV.  We had a new program on tonight called 24 Legacy that was pretty good for a first show.  The rest of the night was re-runs and it was a chore trying to find enough to watch to carry us up to 10:30.  We surfed for a while and managed it, however.