Monday, December 12, 2016

I finished up the Journal for the week and tried to publish it.  I was having trouble getting into Homestead and finally had to give up for the day.  I was using data on the phone and not getting anywhere.  I contacted Homestead and they suggested I use the online Sitebuillder.  I tried that, and was not prepared for the change in the Interface.  The differences in the online version were so great that I really couldn’t use it.
We got up this morning with a couple of things we needed to get done in town today.  Sharon had mentioned yesterday that she wanted to go to the Post Office and pick up some stamps and also mail out Christmas Cards.  One card she had to mail  out to Canada and that requires extra postage.
We left to go into town and as long as we were there we decided to stop for Breakfast at the Farmhouse Restaurant.  We had stopped there several years ago and recalled that they had a cheap little Breakfast.  And after eating, we wondered why we only got one piece of toast, each, for the meal.I guess we didn’t remember that part.
After eating we went to the Post Office and Sharon went inside to affix her stamps and get the cards in the mail.  I waited in the car listening to Rush on the radio.  It had been a few days since we were able to get him.  We spotted a Thrift Store just up the street after we left the Post Office.  Sharon decided that she was coming back to see what they had.
As soon as we got home, Sharon decided that she was off to the Thrift Store.  She was gone for about an hour but didn’t come back with anything she couldn’t live without.  Most of her “ad-lib” shopping trips end up the same way.
I spent most of the afternoon watching the Telly While Sharon was putting together her craft project that she got from Jennifer for Christmas.  She was getting frustrated as the directions that were provided were confusing to say the least.  But she didn’t want any help so I kept my nose out of it.
For Supper tonight I suggested we have Chicken Melts from our leftover chicken from the night before last.  They were absolutely delicious along with Bread and Butter pickles and Potato Chips.  Sometimes you just have to ad-lib a meal.
We stayed up tonight until 10:30 by watching the TV and recording at the same time.  We need to get used to it again because we’ll be doing it exclusively when we get to California.  We’ll be recording the most obscure shows just to get us through the night.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We were up this morning with a plan to go to Tombstone, but we really didn’t get going until about 11.  We had been there on a couple of other occasions and knew it would only take us a couple of hours for our visit.  We had already been to the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, the Birdcage Theater and the Boot Hill Graveyard.  We still wanted to walk the streets and see all the new products the merchants are selling.  It had been a few years since we’ve been down there and we were anxious to go.
Tombstone is only 25 miles from Benson so the trip only took less than a half hour.  We got there just before lunch but we took a stroll through town once before we stopped at the Longhorn Café for a bite to eat.  We had intended to stop at Big Nose Kates but it was closed.  We both had the French Dip Sliced Beef Sandwich and it was excellent along with a load of fries.  We also had a couple of beers to slosh it all down.
After lunch we finished up perusing the town, buying our trinkets, and struggling   to get back to the car.  My non-walking situation did not serve me well today.  But I managed to get all the way through town.
We drove back home through a Border Patrol Checkpoint just outside of Tombstone.  I guess they just wave you through as long as you don’t have Mexicans hanging out the windows.  We did experience the drug dog walking around though.  But he would have had a tough time smelling all the drugs that were back in the motorhome.
After we got back home, I got relaxed in my chair and promptly fell asleep.  And as long as I was sleeping, Sharon decided she’d take a little snooze too.  We both woke up about the same time, just before Supper.
I had decided to have Sharon’s leftover Chicken Burrito, from the Si Senor Restaurant in Deming, for Supper tonight.   It was quite good indeed.  She did her usual cup of Yogurt for Supper.
We had some good stuff on TV tonight and there wasn’t much reason to search for enough to watch tonight.  We called it a night about 10:30.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We started the day today with absolutely nothing to do all day.  It would be a day to just sit around and relax.  And of course that’s one of the things that I do very well.  Sharon on the other hand can’t sit still for more than an hour before she’s got to find something to do.
But today it started out well for the both of us since Sharon had a hat she was knitting, and has been knitting, for the last couple of days.  She can also keep busy with her Tablet either playing games or surfing the Internet.
It was also a day that I had enough time to contact Homestead who I use to build my website.  I haven’t been able to publish to the web since last week, but I was unaware of the situation until Monday when I regularly publish my Journal, and I’ll contact them today. Hopefully I can get that fixed.  The problems I’m incurring are the fact that Microsoft does loads of updates and whenever they do one, it affects my ability to publish.  I haven’t figured out a way to stop them from updating willy nilly. ( I did manage to get the Journal published today)
The rest of the day went pretty uneventfully and I enjoyed just relaxing for the time being. We’ll be getting ready to leave for Casa Grande tomorrow, but it shouldn’t be very hectic around here.
Sharon decided on Fried Kielbasa and Macaroni and Cheese for Supper tonight.  It’s one of my favorites and she knows she can make it anytime.  I usually get the stuff I like about 98% of the time.  Every once in a while I have to tough it out with a roast, Pork Chops, Ham or some other chunk of meat.
We had some stuff on the DVR that we watched tonight.  The new episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” was one of the shows we’ve been following.  One of the principals, Rick Lagina, lives about a half mile, as the crow flies, from us in Michigan.  We’ve been watching the show waiting for them to discover the treasure......but not yet.  We hit the hay about 10:30 tonight.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

We decided to try a different restaurant today as we had to go into town again for some shopping this morning.  We didn’t get an early start but it was early enough to catch a Breakfast.
We went to the Horseshoe Café right near the bottom of the hill and it was very good and extremely reasonable.  For about the same money, we got almost more than we could eat.  And the atmosphere in the place was very unique.  On the ceiling was an array of neon lights shaped in the form of a horseshoe.  And each table along the walls had an old-time juke box selector located there.  We don’t know if they were working however, cause the Juke Box wasn’t playing while we were there.  It was quite an interesting visit, however.  The food was excellent.
After Breakfast we headed out to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things.  I sat in the car, listening to Rush, and Sharon went in to pick up our stuff.
It was about noon by the time we got back home and the temperature outside was hovering around 75 degrees.  It was a lovely day to say the least.
It was also a “get ready to go”day today.  I didn’t have much to do since we only had a few days on our holding tanks, and I decided not to dump them.  I did, however, disconnect all of our utilities except the electric.  I’ll catch that in the morning just before we leave for Casa Grande.
Sharon spent some of the afternoon taking a nap after pretending to justify the need for it.  I think she just likes naps, and I take my share of them also.
Neither of us was too hungry for Supper after having a substantial Breakfast this morning, but I had the rest of the leftover chicken salad in a tortilla and Sharon had some Cottage Cheese with a spoon or two of fresh raspberries mixed into it.
We camped out in front of the idiot box for the rest of the night.  Sharon finished up the hat she was knitting and I just relaxed watched the box.  I was quite tired at 9 tonight and actually hung in there until 10 but went to bed by myself while Sharon stayed up reading.  That doesn’t happen very often.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Sharon stayed in bed this morning, having been up for part of the night last night.  She finally rolled out about 9:30 so we got a late start this morning.  We pulled out about 10 this morning and as we drove into town we noticed the Chamber of Commerce parking lot was directly across the street from the Horseshoe Café.  Needless to say, we knew where we were going to stop and eat this morning.  We had toyed with the idea of going to the next exit past Benson and stop at McD’s but The Horseshoe won out in the end.
We both ordered what Sharon ate yesterday, and since her coffee was included in the meal, we got away for $4 less, paying only $10.63 for the both of us.
We got back on the road and didn’t stop until we hit Eloy at the Flying J and the Blue Beacon Truck Wash.  We were supposed to be driving in the rain today but it never materialized.  We did have some strong winds until we hit the outskirts of Tucson, about 35 miles from Benson.  Our stop in Eloy got us a motorhome and car wash for $47.50.
The ride through Tucson was a real pleasure today. Even though it was a Friday at noon, the road was beautiful if you can say that about a road.  They’ve been working on it for the last few years and it seems they finished it up last year, but we didn’t go home this way last year.  We took advantage of an opportunity and went home through Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.
We pulled into our campground, The Safari Mobile Home and RV Park, about 2PM and got set up very quickly.  This campground, even though it only has about 12 sites seems quite clean and worth the price of $25 a nite. We are located behind the bowling alley, just off Pinal Avenue, which is right in the breadbasket of the town.
After relaxing for a while we called Jayce Dale and Rod to see if they wanted to get together over the next couple of days and they seemed to have a full dance card.
We decided that we would eat out tonight at Carl Jr’s since they have a fish sandwich, that we’ve had in the past, and enjoyed.  But apparently they don’t serve it here or they’ve discontinued it altogether.  So we went next door to Long John Silver’s thinking they would have a sandwich.  No luck there either, so we settled on a fried Cod Plate with hush puppies and fries.  It was quite good but not really what we had wanted.
We headed back home for the night since there was nothing else on our agenda.  We’d be relaxing in front of the tube for the night.  The Christmas Re-runs are now in full swing apparently so there is really nothing new to watch.  It’s time for the channel surfing to provide enough to watch that we haven’t seen.  We weren’t that successful tonight so we’ll have to try again tomorrow.  We did stay up til bewitching time tonight, however.  That usually comes about 10:30.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

This was going to be another day when we had nothing to do except that Sharon always finds something that needs her attention.  And true to form she decided that today would be a good day to catch up on the laundry.
The tooth I’ve been bothered with for the last week or so, took a turn for the worse today.  Sharon called a dental office in Apache Junction on Friday to see if I could get in on Tuesday when we move up there, and they said they accept walk-ins.  But now it seems like I may be driving the 40 miles on Monday to get seen.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens over the next couple of days.  We decided on a dentist up there simply because we’ll be there over the next week or so and it will be easier if I have multiple appointments.
When Sharon got back from the laundry she started making Supper.  She had planned on making Chicken Kiev and adding some mashed potatoes, cooked carrots and green beans to the effort.  We had a little fermented nectar to wash it down.  Unfortunately I only got through two bites of the Chicken before I had to stick with the soft stuff.  But the two bites that I did have were very good indeed.  I settled for two cake donuts dunked in hot coffee later on tonight.  It wasn’t as good as the Chicken but it did take the edge off my lingering appetite.
We did something a little different tonight instead of surfing for programs.  We watched a 3 hour movie called “Shooter” with Mark Wahlberg. It was on the DVR so we zipped through the commercials.  The movie took us up to nite nite time and we both went willingly.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I was sleeping late this morning and Sharon was up and watching TV.  This hasn’t happened since we got married and I was still working at the Fire Department.  It looked like because of the pain in my mouth that it was going to be a soft food day for me.
Sharon was off to church this morning with a shopping trip to K-Mart on the way home.  She didn’t find a thing to buy, however, as she came home empty-handed.
I tried to find the Packer game on TV while she was gone but to no avail.  We’ll just have to get our score by some other means.
When Sharon got home she started immediately to make a pan of soup.  It was a packaged Potato Soup but it was quite good.  And besides it was pretty much the only thing I would be able to eat anyway.
We decided today that we would drive up to Apache Junction tomorrow since they accept walk-ins.  We’ll move the motorhome up there on Tuesday, But for the time being, I’ll get a jump on having my tooth fixed.
We checked on the Packer game throughout the afternoon and they finally won with a 60 yard pass to Jordy Nelson and a Field Goal with 3 seconds left on the clock.  Man, they blew a 17 point lead in the 4th quarter.  The final score was 30-27.
I had some toast again for Supper tonight and afterward settled in front of the TV for the night.  CBS, as usual, had the schedule screwed up again tonight.  They schedule a late game and then start their programs late which irritates me every week.  Even trying to record them is a nightmare.  We missed a portion of one of our shows tonight because of those a-holes.
We did manage to get through the night, however, right up to “giving up the ghost” time.  We caved at our usual time about 10:30.